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MoveCamp Coach Resources and Info

MoveCamp Zoom Link

(Ideally you are directing people to sign up and not giving this link directly on social media) 


MoveCamp Coaching Schedule

Click here for the schedule


Promoting MoveCamp

Regularly invite your followers to register for upcoming events. Be sure to include a call to action. 

Feel free to share some of our current posts to your stories from our @movecampcanada Instagram and Facebook page or create your own authentic posts. You can also access sample posts in our Coach Resources folder

Partner Coupon Codes

Click HERE for all the coupon codes and details for our Partners



Opportunities to Promote Yourself to Our Community

Be featured on

If you have any content (blog posts etc.) that you’d like to share to be featured on our website, please email

Be featured on MoveCo Live

If you’d like to be featured in out MoveCo live series by sending in a 20 minute movement/wellness session (workout, meditation etc..) or do a 20 minute interview, please email to apply

Social Media Re-Shares 

If you’d like any specific content to be highlighted on our social media, please tag @movecampcanada

We will often share as we go based on what you are posting as well.

Instagram Takeovers

We would like to do a weekly instagram takeover. Please see the schedule and guidelines HERE.

If you would like to opt out, please email and I will remove you from the list.



If you we’re unable to attend MoveCert, please watch the recording to prepare for your role as a Movecamp Coach

MoveCamp Coach Manual – Download the Manual HERE